The Best Board Portal Software for Business

Communications take up most of the time on the boards. They imply interaction with board members and exchanging sensitive information, including documents and knowledge. The board portal translates all communications into a single information space and helps to establish effective interaction between all participants. So, what are the best software solutions?

The best board portal solutions

Board meetings play an important role in effective decision-making. However, the effectiveness of meetings depends on their preparation, processing, and tracking of the results meetings. Today, a board portal can automate all these activities.

The board portal software is designed to automate the processes of organizing, preparing, and holding meetings, as well as monitoring the execution of instructions accepted at them. The program can be used for information support of meetings held within the enterprise, its divisions, or working groups, and at the level of several enterprises, organizations, or other structures. The software supports a wide range of meetings of various types, including service, production, information, coordination, operational, meetings of scientific and technical councils, problem meetings, mixed and combined meetings, etc.

The modern IT market presents many full-packed board software solutions that can be used in various industries. The most highly-estimated vendors are:

  • Azeus-Convene
  • Sherpany
  • Boardadvantage
  • Boardeffect
  • Boardmaps
  • Diligent
  • Nasdaq
  • Govenda
  • OnBoard.

Board software contains functional modules that ensure successful and secure communication of board members. The system allows you to organize meetings and track the implementation of assignments. As a result, the board members will always have the necessary documents and data for decision-making, and customized notifications will allow them to find out about changes in the project quickly.

Board software functionality

Attributes of the board meeting include the agenda, the list of participants, the leader and secretary of the meeting, and the time and place of the meeting. In addition, the meeting results are recorded in the minutes, reflecting the course of consideration, the decisions taken on the issues, and the instructions on the agenda. The program allows this organization to keep minutes of various meetings (for example, at the level of the company, individual divisions, temporary working groups, etc.).

So, the board management software offers the following capabilities:

  • Schedule meetings, determine the composition of the participants, and send them notifications about the upcoming event;
  • Form a list of issues of the meeting, choose the speakers and the timing of the event (agenda);
  • Record decisions and instructions in the meeting card;
  • Upload the necessary documents to the meeting card, upload the minutes and agendas of the meetings;
  • Establish a link between meetings and relevant projects, programs, portfolios, and non-project activities;
  • Convert meeting decisions into milestones and assignments;
  • Track the implementation of the decisions of the meetings;
  • Use a single information environment for project communications;
  • Exchange quick messages using forums and chats;
  • Differentiate access rights to documents;
  • Systematize documents on implemented and current projects, programs, and portfolios.

The board meeting software can remove most of the routine functions from management, systematize processes and information, make meetings more transparent, facilitate clear resolution of issues, and execute instructions to achieve goals and implement company plans. In addition, it can quickly identify and eliminate problems that reduce the effectiveness of meetings. And this assistance will be significant.